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Spring 2017
Spring 2017 The rain stopped, the sun came out and we were finally able to get stuck into the spring program. It has been extremely frustrating, waiting to rush. It was a logistical nightmare for Hamish trying to re-sort everything to get the crew and equipment to where they could do some work without being stuck, and now the grounds getting too h... Read more

On a lighter note:
On a lighter note, look at the things the guys pick up with the Verti-drain or find in the grass. Tim has amassed this collection over several years and it just keeps growing. My grandchildren had lots of fun playing with all the cars when they visit the depot. Going to need another shelf soon.  Read more

  Do you want healthy and smooth looking grass. Do you know how much a blunt cutting blade can affect the health and appearance of your lawn. A blunt blade just hacks the grass, leaving it venerable to disease. It takes days for the grass to recover, then we do it again and your grass loses condition quickly. Check out the Before and After p... Read more

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