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  Do you want healthy and smooth looking grass. Do you know how much a blunt cutting blade can affect the health and appearance of your lawn. A blunt blade just hacks the grass, leaving it venerable to disease. It takes days for the grass to recover, then we do it again and your grass loses condition quickly. Check out the Before and After p... Read more

Welcome to our web site for December 2016 Well its December and its still raining, we have been having fun trying to work around sodden ground and the wet weather gear has taken a hammering this year. Hamish and I would like to thank our staff for putting on a brave face and just doing it. They have managed to get through everything on the book, s... Read more

Welcome to winter, lots of rain in the Manawatu but not too cold, but very dry in the Hawkes Bay. Makes getting the seasonal work done difficult but we are getting there. We have just taken possession of a new Redexim Speedseeder (or Dimple Seeder to us) which we are very pleased about. This machine is ideal for sports grounds, golf courses or an... Read more

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