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Spring 2019

WOW, what a great season. We were in despair early on in the season as every week the forecast was for rain, rain and more rain – but it didn’t happen, or should I say it didn’t happen where we were working. There was very little disruption with the weather this year (or so far anyway) so the cricket blocks got completed and we kept on track with our program. Hamish has a smile on face again.

He enjoyed his work earlier this week at Government House, Wellington. He kept hoping Dame Patsy would bring him hot scones but she was busy up North, so he had to just have sandwiches instead. (Picture attached)

We’ve had a busy team, they have done some very long hours and have gone the extra mile to get it all done. Thanks so much to Tim, Mike and Brad – also Gary, who’s manned the mower and Kevin who is always willing to come and help.


Simon has been super busy too on the Mechanical side, we have had a vast array of mowers, reels and equipment through the shed and he has had many visits to site.

Don’t forget it’s better to have your gear up to scratch for spring and autumn, so get it booked in for the off seasons and give the poor things a good birthday.

One thing we have been noticing is that we are receiving machines, reels etc. that are caked in grass and mud. This shouldn’t happen, the gear needs to be washed up after use. All that rubbish on them gets into the motor, rusts the reels/nuts, wears bearings out and generally makes your machine unproductive. Look after them, they are expensive to replace.

We are having to charge extra labour on a reel grind in some cases, as it takes Simon hours of work to get rusted nuts/screws out of your Bedknives. Simon has to grind, drill & heat them, belt them and swear at them to get them out. A bit of care in general maintenance will save you in the long run.

Have a happy and fun filled summer, but don’t forget your bookings.

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