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Spring Renovations:

Spring is almost here and many of us have had a particularly dry winter. Unless we get significantly more rain in Sept – October the soil will dry out much quicker than usual, due to lower water tables and less moisture in the sub soil.

 This highlights the importance of coring and Verti-draining to ensure the irrigation can penetrate the soil instead of ponding on the surface and evaporating in the sun.

We have been doing a lot more work on school fields this year as schools realize the importance of maintaining grass areas that are safe and available to students all year round. They also look a lot nicer on the eye. Decompaction, seed and Fertiliser is often all that is needed to achieve this and is relatively cheap for the school budget.

NEW STAFF: Brad Childs has joined the team this year. Brad has a passion for turf having come from the racing industry and is enjoying the variety that we can offer. I’m sure that you will be catching up with him around the traps.

All the best for the new season and we look forward to working with you.


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