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May 2018

Had a very busy season and the weather gods were quite kind this season and all the cricket wicket renovations were completed. The crew have had some long days, but they enjoy getting out and about and seeing the country.

We had a small job at the Beehive recently and of course it was a great photo opportunity, I think Hamish enjoyed the job of spotter there, he got to keep the Politician's on the right path for a while.

As a team, we have been working really hard on our Health & Safety, implementing procedures and process’s to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and the public. Its been a big undertaking and the crew are learning to be more observant, discussing each situation with the client and filling in paper work to satisfy me in the office and our responsibilities for their and others safety.  We are learning a lot about our industry and although at times it is very stressful, it has been an eye opener to better ways of doing things. We have found our operation works more efficiently, tidier and in the long run, safer.

Don’t forget to get your bookings in for the Spring, it’s a very small time frame.

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