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Mechanical Services: 

Introducing Simon Thomas, service technician.Simon brings a wealth of experience with motors, hydraulics and pumps, has great results with the Reel Grinding.  We are confident that Simon has most of the answers to your mechanical woes.

Simon is a family man, here from the UK and enjoying the NZ lifestyle, he’s a volunteer with the NZ Fire Service, loves the outdoors and keeping fit.With Sports Turf Mechanical, Simon covers the lower half of the North Island with the Mobile Van as well as our workshop in Palmerston North.

We offer Machinery & Turf equipment repairs, servicing, motor rebuilds and general maintenance.

Combine your service/repairs with a Reel and Bedknife Grind. Don’t forget – a sharp blade equates to sharper, cleaner cut of your turf, which in turn helps prevent disease, promotes a healthy regrowth and less stress on your mower.




With the Bernhard Grinding System we can take your Reels and Bedknives back to manufacturer’s specifications. Advantages of Relief Grinding (included in the price of a Reel Grind)

  • Superior cut
  • Less wear on reels and Bedknives
  • Improved fuel economy and less engine wear
  • Improved health and appearance of your turf due to a better recovery rate
  • Less time back lapping

Contact Simon Thomas on 027 44 11 013 or Hamish Wallace on 021 623 423

email: for bookings or enquiries