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About Us

Hamish Wallace

Born in Eskdale, Hawkes Bay. Raised on the family farm where I learnt to drive Tractors and operate machinery. After a period of farming my wife, Sandra and I moved to Waipukurau and spent 13 years in the transport industry. We moved to Palmerston North in 2000 to work at Awapuni Race Course, I then got the position managing Sports Turf Renovators Ltd and in 2007, we purchased the Business from my employer.

The success of our business is centered on meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, we see ourselves in partnership with turf managers striving to attain turf excellence.

Tim Oatley 

Tim has been with us since we started in 2007, and is an extremely competent operator and employee.

His knowledge of the equipment is comprehensive; I hate to imagine the number of times he has pulled the Verti-drains apart. These machines need constant attention and Tim is the man for the job.

Tim has acquired Level 3 in Sports Turf Maintenance, has completed his Grow Safe Course, First Aid and Tractor & LUV Training.

Tim is a family man, has a love for fishing and his motor bike.

Michael Love(Mike)

Mike started with the business in July 2016 on a part time basis, initially to cover our School Mowing Contract. However, it quickly became apparent that we did not want to lose him and so made him a permanent part of the team.

Mike has mainly worked in Dairy, Managing a farm for 13 years but also as a General farm Hand, seems to have driven almost everything and knows how to repair them too. Which in our line of business is a bonus.

Mike has completed in Growsafe Certificate, 1st Aide Training and the Tractor & LUV Training.

Mike also has his own boat and enjoys fishing, which seems to be an employment requirement to work at STR.

Sandra Wallace

My wife and partner in the Business, Initially carried out the admin duties in the evenings and after work, then in 2014 came on board on a more full time basis (with a little time off for grandchildren minding and shopping).

With the start of Sports Turf Mechanical and the new regulations with Health & Safety, the position became a lot busier. Sandra has pushed us into the world of Health & Safety and because of this, we are now fully engaged and are Site Wise – Green accredited.

With 20 years of administration behind her, Sandra has worked in a variety of roles, all of which have benefitted what is required in today’s business world.

Luckily, she is also keen on fishing!

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Fast, powerful, aggressive yet gentle on your turf

Our Graden Swing Wing Scarifyer adds a new dimension to scarifying with 8 tungsten tips on each blade giving maximum dethatch with minimum disruption, follows the contours of the ground.


Maximum decompaction with minimal disruption

The Verti-drain lifts the turf from underneath, breaking up the compaction leaving the surface intact. Improves your drainage, root development and general turf health.


Aercore 1500

For a faster and more efficient coring, enabling us to now core Fairways, Sports fields, Racecourses and more, while still being small enough for the Golf greens and croquet courts. Full range of tines from 3/8 Quads to ¾.


Redexim SpeedSeed 1600  – Dimple Seeder

The Speedseed is ideal for turf areas where economy and random seed dispersement are important. No down time for your turf area, quick and efficient. 


Shelton 3T Gravel Bander

The 3 tons gravel band drainer is designed for installing a secondary drainage
system with minimal disruption to the playing surface.